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Core Values: Tranquility

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Tranquility is one of Sweeten’s most cherished values. While our five core values are all interlocked, tranquility seems to be the destination the other values point towards.

Tranquil setting
Tranquil, amirite?

Tranquility is the reward of being proactive; it comes from having organizational systems that support your team and their tasks, capturing the shape of the year and planning for it ahead of time. Tranquility is the fruit of receiving reports on time, knowing where information is, each member or team enjoying access to the resources they need for their responsibilities.

Tranquility is transparency in the team, not only through efficient internal communication, but in visibility across team members’ workloads so projects and customers can be seen holistically by each team member. When the silo walls come down between the team members, a skyline can be built in their place.

Tranquility is an undoing of the American corporate culture that praises stress, hecticness, long hours, and over commitment. It’s the unraveling of a lifestyle of adrenaline overload as well as a celebration of space, craft, and purpose. Tranquility is the margin to prioritize relationships over inbox statistics.

We don’t do tranquility perfectly, but we’re always learning new ways to meet our clients in a harmonious space, structuring our work to be more proactive, more unified, more intentional. We would love for you to join our zen and weave tranquility into your own business!

From the desk of Abigail Sweeten-Jones

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