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Of the five core values of Sweeten CPA, compassion is my favorite. Respecting compassion is the understanding that to remove humanity from work is to take the sun away from the flower. But the idea of adding compassion to a spreadsheet of numbers seems laughable. So, how do we here at Sweeten CPA do it?

A large aspect of providing compassion through financial care is attending to the people who create the deliverables. We as a society often focus on the product, the result, the success. Yet, often what we want is for someone to care about us, to notice a haircut, the ache in your shoulder that hasn't gone away, the Halloween costumes of your children. Since the small details seem.... well, small, they are easy to deprioritize. And we're not supposed to dilly dally at the virtual water cooler, are we? I would like to challenge that thought. We believe when you improve someone's work environment, you improve their work. More than that, when you invest compassion towards another person, you create space for a relationship to be built - person to person.

Compassion in accounting can often look like doing our job. If you have ever been in an argument with someone, you might agree the intent is more in the tone than the words. We send your deliverables because that is our job, but we care about you because that’s who we are. It’s more than the monthly reports or journal entries; it's more than kicking the tire down the road; it's having an interest in your financial wellbeing. We have this interest not only to care about the excellence of the work but to nurture the accounting relationship with you.

Take time for compassion.

🖥️ From the desk of Mandi Ruth

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