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The IRS Won't Call You

Just your friendly neighborhood reminder that the IRS will almost NEVER call you on the phone. Do not give out personal information over the phone or via email to anyone claiming to be the IRS.

The IRS will NOT...

❌ Call you: Nope, the IRS isn’t going to call you out of the blue.

❌ Call you and demand money: Nope, the IRS will never call you and ask for immediate payment.

❌ Threaten to use local police, immigration officers, or “have you arrested” for not paying: Nope, they’re not into threats.

❌ Revoke your driver’s license or immigration status: Nope, the IRS doesn’t have authority over these items.

❌ Email you: Nope, the IRS is old school.

❌ Email you a link to pay immediately: Still no. The IRS will not email you.

❌ Instruct you to pay anyone other than the U.S. Treasury: Nope. Make all payments out to the US Treasury. Don’t trust anyone to make your tax payment on your behalf, including your accountant. Best payment method is always

The IRS will...

✅ Send you letters: Yes, the IRS will send you “notices.” These can be tricky to read. Ask your CPA to help you decipher their correspondence.

✅ Send you lots of letters: Yes, the IRS doesn’t take a hint well. They’ll bury you in letters until they get a response.

✅ Show up unannounced: If you ignore their letters, they will sometimes – not often – show up in person. When they do, they will have (2) forms of identification and a phone number you call to verify their identification, including a HSPD-12 card. More about that here: .

✅ Show up for an audit: Yes, the IRS can show up for an audit of the tax year(s) in question. They will send you letters about this audit prior to their arrival.

✅ Call you in regards to an audit: Yes, the IRS might call you for information on the tax year(s) under audit. They will send you letters about this audit prior to their call and they will not demand immediate payment. They’re calling to investigate.

Don’t get into trouble with the IRS - call us!

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