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Spotlight: Meredith Schrup

Updated: May 22, 2022

Meredith Schrup has been with Sweeten CPA since its infancy, one of our very first team members. She remembers working congruously with Michele and Jackie in Michele's house decades ago. Laughingly, she also remembers the pain of needing to update a tax return and having to reprint the entire return. Thank goodness we’ve gone paperless! When asked about her experience watching the company grow from a desk in a living room to the successful firm it is now, she spoke of the intention in the business by putting people first. By protecting the environment of firm, it leads people to a more tranquil work and home life. Ironically, she never thought she would have a career in accounting. In fact, Meredith only met Michele when she decided to take a continuing education course to help her wife’s business and Michele was her instructor. Nineteen years later, she is still here! When she’s not rocking reconciliations, she spends time with her wife and dog, Miss Kitty, in nature. Whether it’s bird watching, walking, or gardening, there is rejuvenation for her family in the sun! Next time you chat with Meredith, ask her what she’s currently growing in her home garden.

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