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Small Business Expertise

We know small business; we ARE one!!

Sweeten CPA has been around over 20 years, and we’ve been through all the growing pains a small business faces, things such as:

  • Converting workers from independent contractors to employees

  • Increasing facility size, multiple times

  • Engaging professional IT companies to manage technology platforms

  • Becoming paperless

  • Designing a task management system to track all internal and client-related tasks

  • Increasing employee benefits for better retention

  • Defining, and revising, our mission statement and core values

  • Systemizing and improving our employee review process

  • Developing protocols for onboarding and offboarding clients

  • Creating cadences and checkpoints for supervision of client accounts

  • Designing a dashboard to track financial and other metrics

  • Identifying which Key Performance Indicators matter most to our business, and developed deadlines for reviewing them monthly

  • Creating a system for preparing annual budgets and calendared milestones annually

We would love to walk alongside you through these transition arenas and share our wisdom!

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