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Payroll Services – Switch with Caution!

From time to time, we have clients who get frustrated with their current payroll provider. In search of a better process, a more streamlined interaction with their accounting software, or a better price, clients will research better options and make their choice. What we find, though, is that mistakes are often made in the process of conversion whereby prior payroll totals are not transferred over properly to the new provider. The new provider won’t just be reporting on wages they process; the new provider will actually be reporting the overall totals for the year, so the transfer of amounts to them at the beginning of the conversion is crucial!

And we can help! We can ensure that all the correct totals are transferred over so that clients have perfect W-2s issued at year-end. Don’t wait until January to find out that the W-2s are incorrect; engage Sweeten CPA at the time of conversion for a smooth transition!

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